School District Library Software

One server installation of L4U Enterprise allows Schools and Districts to save time and money by reducing School based hardware and empowering the staff to manage all data in one location.

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L4U Enterprise

Software for Individual Libraries

Easily control the resources of your Library and focus on getting those resources into the hands of the Patron as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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L4U Elite

Textbook Management

Save real money on Textbooks by improving your control, accountability, tracking, allocating and budgeting with L4U Textbook Management. L4U can help reduce losses, collect fines, avoid unnecessary purchases, allocate teaching resources efficiently and manage textbooks over their entire lifecycle.

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L4U Textbook Management

Advanced Bookings

Designed to meet the specific needs of Centralized Resource Centers. Shipping lists, copy management, visual calendars, pick lists, authority control and automatic shipping labels are just a few of the standard features found in L4U Advanced Bookings.

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L4U Advanced Bookings

About L4U Library Software

L4U™ Library Software develops, publishes, and markets the award winning L4U™ integrated Library management software. L4U has been serving K-12 schools, public Libraries, special Libraries, academic Libraries and media/resource centers for 25 years. L4U is installed in over 2,700 Libraries in North America and internationally in China, Japan, Africa and Europe.

L4U's mission is to provide superior library management software that is easy to use, innovative, and responsive to our customers' needs. L4U Elite™, for individual Libraries/schools, and L4U Enterprise™, for centralized districts, do exactly that with their web based OPAC™ and engaging discovery interfaces for Patrons of all ages. L4U is friendly and intuitive for your Patrons, powerful and easy to use for the Librarians, and reliable and secure for your IT department. L4U is Library Management Made Easy!

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Kids and Books
I have worked with many library software systems over the past 34 years, and I can say that L4U has been, by far, the best. They have a solid product that meets all of our demands from a delivery module to a cataloging module to an overdue module. They have been extremely accommodating in making any suggested changes. They are incredibly well-priced. The program is very intuitive and is easy for our teachers to navigate. I heartily endorse this library management system from the folks at L4U Library Software for a job well-done!

Elainea Scott, Program Manager
Educational Resource Services
Tulare County Office of Education

L4U Library Software